Via Spiga Hair Boutique


Meet The Owner: 

Meet Serena Citarella of Via Spiga Hair Boutique - Located In Neutral Bay, Sydney

Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself

I'm originally from Italy, but moved to Australia 16 years ago. After 3 years I opened up my own shop.

I'm friendly, extroverted, spiritual and very caring towards all my clients. I'm very passionate about my work, and its so important to us that we create a relaxing experience in the studio everyday.

I'm grateful to be able to do this with my partner Denise, we complement each other in so many ways. Besides being an amazing hairdresser, and having a great eye for fashion, she also has a wonderful soul which is completely infectious.

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business?

I've always liked a challenge, and from day one I believed I could do anything I set my mind to.

What Does Your Business Offer, And What Makes It Unique?

I like to believe that we are unique because we offer great service. We are very personable and honest, qualities which I believe are key to being successful in our line of work.

We've received a number of great reviews online. It makes us proud knowing that these come from real, happy people who we've been able to help feel great about themselves.

What Does Your Journey Look Like?

To be honest, the beginning was really tough. I started out with two business partners who down the track made life very difficult.

So one day I decided to take the gamble and went solo. I started my own studio which at the time I didn't have enough money to pay double rent so I was forced to set it up as both my home, and my business (It was a tough period for sure).

However, after battling for 3 very challenging months, in a very competitive area, I was rewarded by having one consistent client.

Fast forward 11 years and those days seem like a distant memory. I'm very grateful to be operating successfully in Neutral Bay, and am proud that I took on the challenge and overcame it.

Did You Always Think You'd Be Doing This? 

Not specifically, I left Italy determined to have my own business and from a young age I've always been very creative.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of me cutting my grandma's hair while she was asleep!!! (funny for me, not so much for her). I guess hairdressing was maybe a natural choice from that day?

What Are The Most Rewarding And Challenging Parts Of Your Job And Owning Your Own Business?

The most rewarding part of my job (and somewhat challenging) is when my clients come to me, not being able to explain what they are after, and at the end are so overjoyed with the results that they want to hug me, it's priceless!

The most challenging parts are the day to day running of your own business, which includes finding quality staff. It's also quite challenging staying on top of  the competition.

Whats Your End Goal? The Moment You'll Know You've Achieved What You Want To?

My ultimate goal is having people know who we are, and are talking about how great our offering is. That plus having a couple of good stylists running the show, so I'll be able to enjoy some well deserved time off with my family!!

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