Meet The Owner: 

Meet Stephen Adamson of Undicloth(r) located in Marrickville, NSW

Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself

My name is Stephen and I work in the arts, primarily backstage in theatre.

After working long hours backstage I was so tired of being uncomfortable in the options out there, so I decided to make my own undies! Organic fair trade underwear designed with a pouch so you can hang about naturally.

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business?

I'd been wanting to start my own business for some time for the reasons above, however it wasn't until I was being stood down over Covid that I finally got my business off the ground.

What Does Your Business Offer, And What Makes It Unique?

We are organic, fair trade underwear made in the inner west of Sydney and our product has a unique pouch that is made of 100% organic cotton, again which allows you to hang about naturally.

What Does Your Journey Look Like?

It’s taken 3 years to get the pattern right and in the beginning I was making them myself, and as comfy as they were, they looked like dolly’s coat of many colours. I needed help so I found a pattern maker and finally launched this year in May of 2020 during Covid.

It’s been tough and I’ve spent most of my savings but I’ll battle through, the positive thing is that the response has been amazing! We’ve sold onto all states and have had a few international orders also!!!

Did You Always Think You'd Be Doing This? 

If you told me 3 years ago I’d be selling undies I would have laughed... my dream job as a kid was a cowboy, I knew this was my calling when my pathways just kept opening up!!

What Are The Most Rewarding And Challenging Parts Of Your Job And Owning Your Own Business?

The most rewarding is hearing feedback that tells me how comfy undicloth is. The challenging parts are the early stages and days between sales! It’s hard to keep positive!!!

Whats Your End Goal? The Moment You'll Know You've Achieved What You Want To?

When I can work full time for my company and get a dog! I’ll probably cry with happiness

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