Meet The Owner: 

Meet Robbie Ibbotson of Spacebar - Located in Melbourne

Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself

We help businesses and individuals find the perfect space for work, leisure or events. By listing their under-utilised space on our site, businesses and individuals can create a new passive income from nothing.

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business?

In response to some tough economic times, where a lot of businesses were having to let go of their staff and try and stay afloat, I wanted to create a business that would help generate a passive income for those businesses and mitigate the risk of having to downsize, or shut down.

What Does Your Business Offer, And What Makes It Unique?

We were the first of our kind when we first launched, but now we're not overly unique, our point of difference is our service and ability to generate high quality leads for businesses and supply for the spaces that we list.

What Does Your Journey Look Like?

It's been a very long and difficult journey, trying to be as nimble as possible and putting in the long hours to build trust with our clients. Revenue was never really my key motivator, it was producing an offering that can support as many businesses and individuals as possible that was my main motivation.

Did You Always Think You'd Be Doing This? 

Not really, I wanted to be a fire fighter when I was a kid. But I'm glad I have ended up where I am.

What Are The Most Rewarding And Challenging Parts Of Your Job And Owning Your Own Business?

knowing the impact that our business has had on our clients and their businesses or income. It's a rewarding feeling!

Whats Your End Goal? The Moment You'll Know You've Achieved What You Want To?

For the moment, we're just here to support our clients as they need it. The current circumstances have impacted our business quite hard, but we're always here to support our clients, or anyone who needs it, in anyway we can.

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