Meet The Owner: 

Meet Sam Kimber of SAUC'D LOWNSLOW located in Herston, QLD

Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself

Born in the UK and living in sunny Australia

From the very first moment I sat on the kitchen table to help my dad cook, I knew that food would be a major part of my life.  It didn't take long to realise that spices are an integral part of the food we eat and love.  I want everyone to taste and share the passion for creating flavour and its endless possibilities. 

I started SAUC'D LOWNSLOW with my wifey in 2020 after realising it wasn’t always easy to source the highest-quality, fresh, local and affordable produce. We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our incredible suppliers, which helps us to keep our costs down, and we do all we can to pass those savings on to you.

Come and explore our busy spice blend shop today and discover the true meaning of delicious!

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business and What does your journey look like?

Love for food and the desire to teach people how amazing their food can be with some simple steps and a few simple changes. The power of a spice blend.

What Does Your Business Offer, And What Makes It Unique?

We offer personally designed small-batch, all-natural, hand-blended and freshly ground Spice Blends.

What does your Journey Look Like?

I began with just a recipe and with a learnt and taught mind about how spices interact with food.

I turned my passion and love for teaching food, into a vehicle which brings people together, and delivers joy to family and friends alike.

Did You Always Think You'd Be Doing This? 

I always hoped I would be able to share my passion for food and flavour with as many people as possible, and the business allows me to do that.

What Are The Most Rewarding And Challenging Parts Of Your Job And Owning Your Own Business?

Rewarding is being able to create, and being able to help people learn new skills and try new flavours.

It's incredible to see the joy it brings and how it involves the whole family. Helping children grow their love for food which will open up their opportunities as they grow up.

So many challenges for a small business. From timing, to cost, obtaining products in smaller amounts. Having to do everything in-house, its endless. But the quality and control of the product is vital.

Whats Your End Goal? The Moment You'll Know You've Achieved What You Want To?

My goal is to eventually travel the globe teach people how to use spice blends in their cooking and deliver masterclasses.

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