Ink and Vinyl


Meet The Owner: 

Meet Ella & Tash of InkandVinyl Records, located in Sydney, NSW

Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself

We are a hand painted record company that specialises in custom acrylic records!!

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business and What does your journey look like?

Our passion for art crossed with our love for music inspired us to create InkandVinyl!!

What Does Your Business Offer, And What Makes It Unique?

Our business offers hand painted vinyl records and no other company offers the level of intricacy and beauty that our records have.

What does your Journey Look Like?

We began this year, and with Covid-19 it has been very difficult to get started so that’s why we would love for you guys to visit our page!!

Did You Always Think You'd Be Doing This? 

We didn’t always think that we would do this, but now that we are on the right path we just know that this is for us!! We don’t feel like we ever work a day as we love what we do here at InkandVinyl

What Are The Most Rewarding And Challenging Parts Of Your Job And Owning Your Own Business?

The most challenging is finding customers and sales but the most rewarding is seeing the customers satisfaction when they receive their unique record!

Whats Your End Goal? The Moment You'll Know You've Achieved What You Want To?

Our end goal is to become a home brand name and for us to earn a living off of our dream ❤️

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