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Ever wondered about the people behind the businesses you are buying from? How they got to where they are today?
Our goal is to Bring Local Businesses, and their Customers closer together. We start doing that by telling their businesses stories. Find a list of business stories below by clicking on their profile.
If you are a business Click Here to have your story told

Via Spiga Hair Boutique

Serena Citarella (Hair Dresser)

 Location: Neutral Bay - NSW

"I left Italy and was determined to own my own business... I've always liked a challenge, and believed I could do anything" 

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Hills & West

Aisha Hillary-Morgan (Fashion and Interior Designer)

LocationSydney - NSW

"When I started out, I had no idea what my business would look like. All I knew was that I loved creating things, collaborating with inspirational people, and challenging the norms"

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Ask Mrs Smith

Chi Smith (Home Baker)

Location: Sydney - NSW

"I come from a very strict educational background where being being a doctor is the end goal. Focusing on a career in baking is something that was not spoken about growing up"

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A1 Coaching

Dylan Mena (Personal Trainer)

Location: Wollongong - NSW

"Making the decision to leave my secure job, and familiar workplace was extremely tough... But something just didn't feel right. It got to the point where I began to question my decision to be a coach and my passion as a whole. I needed a new challenge. I needed a change."

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Blue Pear Pantry

Deb (Baker)

Location: North Warrandyte - VIC

"The most rewarding part is realising how much my kids are learning by observation and discussion... My 10 year old even decided to start his own lemonade business along side BPP at our local market..I could not be more proud of hime and his employee (sister)." 

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No.14 Events

Silvia Tasinato (Event and Wedding Planner)

Location: Hampton - VIC

"No.14 is a boutique event company inspired by a passion for beautiful things and a love of entertaining. Dedicated to those who are of the belief that every day of your life is a special occasion, and should be celebrated."

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Lachlan Matheson (Baking Packaging Supplier)

Location: Tullamarine - VIC

For over 20 years my parents owned, developed, and grew an electrical business from the ground up. I was inspired from a young age to be an entrepreneur... But my real inspiration started when my sister Kate struggled to find reliable wholesalers for her business... I really wanted to help her out and provide better alternatives."

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Monkey Tree Children's Store

Samantha Chapman (Children's Fashion store owner)
Location: Cooma - NSW
"I loved buying unique clothing for my first daughter and supporting small Instagram business... But we live in a regional area and a lot of my friends were complaining about not having anywhere to buy good quality kids clothes...and before I knew it Monkey Tree was born!"

Nature's Energy

Andrew Bovill (Health & Wellness Business Owner)
Location: Glebe, Newtown, and Balmain - NSW
"A business should be about meaning, a cause, a value or a belief, something higher than just selling products and services... We offer a place to escape the worries, troubles and stresses of every day - a place to recharge, balance and put back into the body what life has taken out."

Little Willow Creations

Jacinta (Painter/Artist)
Location: West Gippsland - VIC
"I've never referred to myself as an artist, or believed that I'd own my own business. It was only when I started maternity leave that I began to explore new ways to be creative while at home with little children."

La Robe de Chambre

Ellie Lindsay (Fashion Designer)
Location: Launceston - TAS
"I never thought I would be running a business where I'd be designing coats...I was inspired to design and create a product that would bring happiness to the women who wear it."

Tilly Tinkles

Elissia Smith (Recyclable Nappy Business Owner)
Location: Christchurch - NZ
"My dream is to build a company where I don't have to have my wee girl in daycare, and can spend quality time with her."

Homestead Soapery

TJ (Homemade Soap creator)
Location: Jimboomba - QLD
"I never thought I would start a business. My parents had a business that failed when the GFC hit and I was terrified of ever embarking on the endeavour. COVID has made me re-evaluate that because I wanted to work from home, and have more control over my life."

The Boho Pet

Erin (Pet Fashion Designer) 
Melbourne - VIC
"I consider Peanut, my dog, to be my main was her that led me into pet photography and now also into creating unique pet accessories for other discerning pet owners like myself."

AL Paper Design

Amanda (Papercutter)
Location: Adelaide - SA
"My pieces can take from 2 to 18 hours to be cut and completed, but whenever I finish a piece and I frame it, I know it's all worth it."


Stephen Adamson (Underwear Fashion Designer)
Loction: Marrackville - NSW
After working long hours backstage I was so tired of being uncomfortable in the options out there, so I decided to make my own undies!...Success will come when I can work full time for my company and get a dog! I’ll probably cry with happiness”

Mia Skin Aus

Tricia (Health & Beauty Creator)
Location: Sydney - NSW
Mia Skin was started during Covid Lockdown by 3 sisters. We were all in different careers before we started...we were worried about what our futures would look like as covid continued to change our jobs.” 

The Mindful Place

Antonella and Peter Carlini (Holistic Counsellors)
Location: Ashfield - NSW
Interestingly we both grew up in Sydney two streets away from each other, only to meet in 2012 in the middle of the city where our beautiful relationship began! After meeting we realised very quickly that we were both incredibly interested and passionate about spirituality and wellness...Starting our own business has always been the goal for us, being very unique in our approach to spirituality and wellness, what better way to help people than to open our own mindful place.”

Carillion Wines

Tim Davis (Wine Maker)
Location: Mount View (Hunter Valley) - NSW

“I grew up in the vineyard and in the business. From an early age I guess I absorbed a lot of knowledge about wine…through osmosis, rather than drinking it!

Going off to study and do my own thing was important for me, both to learn new skills to apply to the business and to work out that the wine industry was where I wanted to be long-term.”

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Body Flow Yoga

Sophie (Yoga and Wellness Instructor)
Location: Windsor - VIC
“I started practicing yoga when I was 7. I was always fascinated by what made me who I was each day. Yoga gave me a tool to explore this. I studied psychology at university hoping to understand the mind further but it was yoga that won my heart and mind.”

Silicone Jewellery

Jessica (Jewellery Maker)
Location: Chirnside Park - VIC
I was busy working within a few different industries after studying full time at uni… I think I always wanted to have a creative outlet and when I started on this business it all felt right like it was meant for me… but I couldn't have done all of this without the help of my husband and family to allow me to focus on my business as well to get it where it is today.”